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Smartphones and tablets are changing the way people consume media and use the Internet. Australia has one of the highest mobile device penetration rates in the world, and it's just a matter of time before mobile Internet usage exceeds desktop usage.

Mobile Website Usage Trends

As you can see the future of the web is mobile. The problem is that currently only a small fraction of Australian websites are mobile friendly. Is your website mobile friendly? If not you are probably missing out on customers. Navigating and reading content on a traditional website using a mobile device is painstaking at best. More often than not potential customers will just leave the site and not come back.

Your own Mobile Website

However it's not all bad, the trend towards mobile devices can be a massive advantage for your business. If you setup a mobile friendly website you will instantly gain access to a rapidly growing market of iPhone, iPad and Android website users. The better news is most of your competitors won't have access to this market so you are gaining a competitive advantage.

For a small upfront cost for a mobile web design you will gain access to a rapidly growing market segment. We can retrofit your existing website with a mobile friendly interface or we can rebuild your entire website with mobile design as a priority. Either way traditional desktop computers will still have access to the high resolution website.

Responsive Web Design

You may have heard about responsive website design. We can build responsive websites which automatically adjust to all screen sizes, our code will automatically scale all the elements on the page. This is great for simple designs which work well in all resolutions. With a responsive web design you have one website for all screen resolutions. This simplifies maintenance and reduces the cost of mobile development.

Standalone Mobile Version

We also build dedicated mobile website versions in which case our code detects a mobile device is being used and displays the mobile version of your site. These are good for complex designs which need a simplified mobile friendly version.

Whether you are building a new site from scratch or want to build a mobile friendly version of your existing website contact us today to get a quote.

Mobile Social Media

Do you want to go one step further and embed your website and business into the social media landscape? We can build you a mobile friendly facebook application. Typically used to run promotions and competitions facebook applications are a great way to promote your business.

Mobile Friendly Emails

Traditionally HTML emails don't look great on mobile devices like the iPhone. However our email marketing services include mobile friendly email templates which look great on iPhone, iPad and Android devices.