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Contact us to take advantage of direct email marketing.

Email campaigns allow you to send newsletters and promotions directly to your customers. We design our HTML emails to match your branding and take care to ensure the emails work in a wide variety of email programs.

You can automatically add subscribers straight from your website and manage subscriber lists with ease. Our comprehensive reporting tools will let you see what connects with your customers.

Email campaigns are a great way to not only stay in touch with your customers, but to encourage cross-selling and up-selling amongst your existing customer base.

Unique Template Designs

Our templates are custom designed from scratch to give your campaign a creative edge. We will also custom build the HTML and test the template in over 30 email clients to ensure it looks great for everyone. Special attention is made to ensure the emails look great on mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad and Android.

Send Your Own Campaigns

Login and manage your subscribers with ease. When you are happy with the subscriber list, select a template, edit the content and send away. With our powerful content editor you can reuse the same template again and again. Edit content, add new images and create links with ease.

Prices are $10 per campaign + $0.03 per recipient. So for example if you send a newsletter to 500 recipients it would cost you $10 + (500 x $0.03) = $25.

Reporting and Analytics

Once delivered you can track your email related conversions with our advanced reporting tools. Our reports will tell you who opened your email, what links they clicked on, who they forwarded it to and much more. This is all displayed in an interactive world map to give you meaningful insights into how effective your campaign has been. Narrow down your focus to individual recipients and see a detailed time-line of what they did with your email. Add Facebook Like or Twitter Tweet buttons to your email and track the sharing on the social networks. Compare statistics from different campaigns and find trends.