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PHP Handlers & File Permissions

Updated: 18th May 2012

PHP handlers are how the Apache web server handles requests to PHP files. Apache can be configured to serve PHP files in a number of different ways. Each way has it's advantages and disadvantages...

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Maintaining State in a PHP Web Application

Updated: 23rd March 2012

Web applications often need to identify users and track each user's state as they interact with the application. Web applications are built on top of the HTTP protocol which is essentially a stateless protocol. This presents a problem...

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HTTP Caching Developers Guide

Updated: 4th January 2012

Web servers store and serve resources. Often these resources will rarely change. Types of resources which rarely change include images, CSS files and JavaScript files. Very often web clients (typically browsers) will request the same resource from a web server again and again and again...

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High Quality HTML Markup

Updated: 10th October 2011

With all the talk about standards compliance, semantic markup, progressive enhancement, cross browser compatibility and accessibility, writing HTML seems so much more complicated than the original idea of marking up content and it's easy to become overwhelmed. Hopefully this post helps clear up some confusion surrounding the topic...

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